Rubia Thanks East Village Fair Planners, Participants

Rubia is grateful to David Armstrong and Caroline Walters of Follen Church for facilitating our participation in this year’s East Village Fair. It was a great success, both in terms of sales and the chance to chat with folks about our work in Mali. We were delighted that so many people stopped by to see our textiles and ask about how Malians make mud cloth (bogolan). We extend our thanks to those who bought bogolan scarfs, wall hangings and jewelry made out of recycled flip flops. Your purchase supports Tanti Bogolan Women’s Association in Djenne and Ndomo Workshop and Conservatory of Natural Dying in Segou, Mali. Special thanks to Wilma Ronco for showing her appreciation of traditional Afghan embroidery by buying a coat. We can’t wait to see Wilma wearing her Rubia couture!

Catherine Rielly