A Look Inside Afghanistan

By Victoria Guay

November 9, 2008

Sixth grade students at the Plymouth Elementary School got to experience the culture of Afghanistan first-hand on Wednesday as a citizen from that country who is finishing up a two-month visit to the United States spent the day presenting workshops.   Read more >

Afghan connection: N.H. non-profit helps village women market their embroidered products

By Maddie Hanna

July 31, 2007

Afghanistan, says Rachel Lehr, is a volatile country that works "in fits and starts." The capital city, Kabul, doesn't have electricity or running water, she points out, and many Afghans tell her the war isn't over yet.  Read more >

"Empowerment by Stealth, Sewing Confidence, Literacy, and Unexpected Power," TEDx Talk, Catherine Rielly
Oct 26, 2011