Art in Exhibit For Sale

 Limited pieces from the Cary Memorial Exhibit are for sale! Please email with the product name as the subject to buy any of these exquisite pieces.

Each of the square pieces above are on sale for $75!

Product Names: White Cross Patch, Black Cross Patch, Rust Cowry Shells Patch, Brown and Mustard Patch, White Rust Gold Patch,White Zigzag Patch

A10 $350 BLACKANDWHITE-NEW (2).jpg

The textile above is $350.

Product Name: Black and White Bogolan

A10 close up TANTI BOGOLAN.jpg

The textile to the right from Ndomo is $180.

Product Name: Brown Ndomo

The textile below is $210.

Product Name: Boat Textile

2018-11-06 (2).png
F1- indigo vertical (1).jpg

The textile to the right is $200.

Product Name: Indigo Textile

e6 $350 cowry (1).JPG

The textile to the right is $350.

Product Name: Cowry Shells Cloth


The furniture below is $350. Sold out but available through custom order

Product Name: Ottoman